Digital Advertising:

Out of all the different mediums of advertising, digital display advertising have always been the most efficient, attractive and cost effective form of advertising. Digital advertising can be used for a lot of advertising purposes. These purposes involve brand awareness to brand building even promotion of a particular product or service and the like. Human's always tend to pay more attention to any moving object, this a proven study, and hence its not a mystery to understand why consumer's tend to pay more heed to digital signage rather than a static print.

Benefits of digital signage:

There are many benefits of digital signage. One major benefit that it offers the advertisers is that it is very cost effective and unlike the print media, it is very flexible with regards to the change in the messages and the layout. These layouts in print media are very-very costly.

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Types of Digital advertising:

The different types of digital advertising include digital outdoor advertising, in-door digital signage, mobile digital signage. The digital Sign Boards are nothing but the huge LCD televisions that are installed outdoors. These are normally situated in areas with high traffic. Owing to its nature of being outdoor display equipment they are protected by the use of weatherproof enclosures. There are certain safety measures also taken into consideration when placing these digital sign boards. These include not placing these digital advertising sing boards in damage prone areas. These digital outdoor signages have a central location from where it's controlled through the internet and hence the content that is being displayed can be modified and also completely changed as and when required.

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Another type of digital advertising medium is the in-door or in-house digital signage. This digital signage is available in a wide variety of sizes and also features depending on the area and the place where it is placed. The most common type of this in-door digital signage is the digital poster. The digital posters are the exact replica of the outdoor digital signage, just that it's comparatively smaller in size. These digital posters are found almost everywhere now, in shopping malls, restaurants, department stores etc. There is another kind of in-door digital advertising medium that is the info-kiosk; this one is found more often in the shopping malls, restaurants & hotels and also huge grocery stores. These information kiosks are interactive in nature and are mainly used in order to gain consumers data by the means of surveys, consumer preferences, demographics and other related information through these kiosks.

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The third of its kind is the mobile signage. These are seen mostly in the airplanes. But now they are also installed in buses and taxis. Its procedure is similar to that of the digital sign boards found outdoors. It works through a centralized control via the internet. These are mainly used for sales promotions and campaigns for various companies.

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