Digital Display Signage

There’s been a lot of buzz about digital signage and its effectiveness, especially in the business and marketing world. So, what is digital signage, really?

Digital signage, also known as dynamic signage, is a form of advertisement technology using digital signs. Unlike other forms of advertising such as static print signs and billboards, digital signage uses video or multimedia content to display advertisement and/or messages in public places. Digital signage usually consists of computers and playback devices connected to the main digital screen such as a plasma or LCD display. The computer is used to upload videos or multimedia content to the screen and the result is a bright, interactive message or advertisement targeted at specific locations in specific times.

Benefits of Digital signage

Digital signage, as opposed to print signs and billboards, is composed of electronic signs dispersing content directly to plasma or liquid crystal displays. Digital signage also uses a variety of different technologies that enables advertisers to control their messages and displays quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, according to many marketing companies, digital signage in a retail environment has many features and benefits not offered by other forms of advertisement.  Given the different modern technologies used in digital signage, as well as the brightness and dynamic contents of a specific message or advertisement, it is more likely that digital signage can grab a customer's attention due to the brightness and efficiency of its content as opposed to traditional signage such as billboards and static signs.

Where are digital signs used?

Digital signs are used for many purposes. Although the effectiveness of digital signage is most popular in the advertisement world, many companies use digital signs for other purposes as well. For example, news and government agencies may use digital signage to broadcast public information, while corporations may use this technology to broadcast corporate messages. So as you can see, there is no one specific use for digital signage. Digital signage can be used for a range of different purposes, especially when the aim is to communicate with a broad audience.

Cost of Digital Signage

By now, you’re probably wondering how expensive is digital signage? Well for starters, let me say that digital signage can be very expensive. Given the technologies used for digital signage, combined with its effectiveness, this form of advertisement can be extremely expensive. In fact, the primary reason why most small businesses and corporations decide not to invest in digital signage is due the price. Make no mistake; the problem is not associated with ROI (Return on Investment), but rather the money needed to be spent upfront. Although prices for the software and hardware continue to decline with time, the cost of digital signage is still considered too expensive for many small businesses. A small system that is used to broadcast a small piece of advertisement can still cost tens of thousands of dollars.